Troye Sivan Faces Backlash For Throwing Fans’ Gifts In The Trash: Photos

troye sivan throws fans gifts in the trash

It seems he was blessed with a good voice but not with a brain?

My My My” singer Troye Sivan is facing serious backlash on blogs and on social media after having been photographed earlier this week throwing fans’ gifts in the trash and giving no f-cks about being caught in the act.

Apparently while heading out of his hotel in New York City, two fans approached the Australian pop singer to give him two small bouquets of flowers. After chit chatting, exchanging hugs, they all said goodbye and just a couple of blocks later Troye threw the fans’ flowers in the trash. He then proceeded with his day. But for Troye’s bad luck, he was still being followed by paparazzi those couple of blocks later, and he was photographed throwing the fans’ gift in the trash. So clearly, after the photos were finally published, the backlash immediate. And you know what’s the worse part? Troye is yet to comment on it on social media. Literally giving no f-cks about it!

Oh man. Couldn’t you have gone back to your hotel and threw the flowers in the trash there while no one could see you? Why do it in public and take the risk? Troye’s so foolish. He deserves the backlash and he clearly has no real love for his fans. No matter if they were expensive flowers or not, the were money invested by young fans who probably don’t earn much, and Troye needed to be a little more considerate with these gifts!

By the way, ever since this fan gifts-throwing drama, Troye’s new single “My My My” has disappeared from the Top 100 of iTunes USA. I guess karma’s a bitch?

By on January 28, 2018
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