Tinashe Releases New Song "Light The Night Up", Fans Not Loving: Audio

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Tinashe Releases New Song "Light The Night Up", Fans Not Loving: Audio

Tinashe released a new song called "Light The Night Up" last night and it is a song that's receiving lots of negative reviews from fans on social media. "Not good" or "sounds dated" seem to be the most popular forms to describe this new piece of music by Tinashe.

Read the hatred:

Worry not, though, for "Light The Night Up", an indeed dated-sounding retro house/electro-pop song, will not be Tinashe's official "next single". It's just a new song that's going to be used as the theme song of NFL's Thursday Night Football. No more than that! *wipes sweat*


We love our girl Tinashe but "Light The Night Up" is truly a step back in her to-date flawless discography. It honestly feels as music RCA forced her to record in view of the poor performance of her latest R&B/urban singles. But what RCA doesn't understand is that the poor performance of those amazing singles is their fault. They didn't invest in good promotion! And left Tinashe completely stripped of possibilities of actually ruling the charts with those singles. RCA is just messing Tinashe. What is this new song? It's so bad and cheesy. Sadly, the only solution to this catastrophic scenario that we're witnessing is for RCA to let Tinashe go. And she shouldn't be afraid of going independent. We're convinced good people would approach her and she would record good music once again.

By on September 28, 2017
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