The Spice Girls Close 2012 London Olympics

The Spice Girls Close 2012 London Olympics
The Spice Girls Close 2012 London Olympics 2

The Spice Girls Close 2012 London Olympics

Best-selling female group of all times Spice Girls re-united one more time for the closing ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics on Sunday (August 12), an event they just could not miss! True Queen of Fierceness Victoria Beckham was dubious on the idea of making this happen (she wants to be known just as a designer nowadays) but it was for London, it was for the UK, it was for the millions of nostalgic Spice Girls fans rooting for this to occur, so she HAD to say yes. VB, Mel C, Mel B, Geri and Emma all looked and sounded incredible. Well, more Mel B and Geri who actually sang live a few bits but whatever, lol.

All five pop legends appeared at the main center stage at the Olympic Stadium in London hopping off a set of black cabs, to first perform their hit "Wannabe", to later parade across the stadium's track on the same vehicles but this time in high-speed grabbing to a platform to not fall off singing the anthem "Spice Up Your Life". While the performance was not as 'iconic' as I had expected (the intro could've been better...there wasn't much just happened, and caught me off guard), I loved so much watching The Spice Girls together again, remembering the world who the best-selling female group of history was/still is. And also I gotta to admit loving all the diva realness Victoria served in that The Dark Night cape.


By on August 13, 2012
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