Pink Does Promo on 'Today', and 'Ryan Seacreast'

Pink Does Promo on 'Today', and 'Ryan Secreast' 1
Pink Does Promo on 'Today', and 'Ryan Secreast' 2

Pink Does Promo on 'Today', and 'Ryan Seacreast'

Duuuude, this Savannah Guthrie chick sucks! Pop/rock star P!nk made an appearance on NBC's 'The Today Show' on Monday, (July 9) to plug the release of her new single "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)" which came out on iTunes that same day. Wearing a pretty casual open-white-shirt-and-high-wasted-pants outfit, Ms Alecia Beth Moore pretty much embarrassed 'Today' debutant Savannah Guthrie (who is the replacement of Queen Ann Curry) when Guthrie asked her about a MISQUOTE about the 'sparks' between her and Matt Lauer everytime the 'Stupid Girls' singer was on 'The Today Show'. Pink also figuratively slapped Savannah on the face when she did not answer one of her questions, as she preferred to comment on the cute pictures being displayed on screen of her baby girl Willow. Ouch!

Mua-ha-ha-ha! I can so picture Ann Curry at her home having coffee, sitted with her legs crossed, saying "take that, b*tch!". Anyway, Pink also spilled a few beans on 'Today', announcing she will be September 18th - the release date of her new album "The Truth About Love" - on the show to perform a concert for her fans. And also confirmed the news she will rock the stage at the coming iHeartRadio festival.

But the 'Today' show wasn't the only show in the US where P!nk promoted her new single "Blow Me" Monday. The 32-year-old singer also called in later that day to "On Air With Ryan Seacreast" to chit-chat for a few mintues with the 'Idol' host about a little of everything. Pink talked of how excited she is about performing LIVE again soon, what she felt doing when she heard her new single finished, the sound of her upcoming LP, and finally, bragged about the 'attitude' of little Willow Sage.


P!nk On 'The Today Show'

P!nk Chats with Ryan Seacreast

By on July 9, 2012
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