Nicki Minaj Sits With 'Chatty Man' [Full]

Nicki Minaj Sits With 'Chatty Man' Full

Nicki Minaj Sits With 'Chatty Man' [Full]

'The Boys' star Nicki Minaj seized the opportunity to visit for the first time ever Channel 4's hilarious 'Alan Carr: Chatty Man' show on Friday (November 2) while making a short break from her sold-out arena tour in the UK to chat about her latest work projects and anecdotes...Watch the full interview below!

The whole 15-minute thing was pure 'LOL' from the first to the very last second! Nicki looked cute in an all-denim outfit and sat down with show host Alan Carr for a super candid interview. Nicki was treated with a few British scones before discussing her UK tour, signing to be an American Idol judge, her upcoming E! reality show, swearing a lot, or revealing the video for her next single will be filmed in London.


By on November 3, 2012
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