New Song: M.I.A - 'Come Walk With Me' [Full]

official cover M.I.A 'Come Walk With Me'

New Song: M.I.A - 'Come Walk With Me' [Full]

Listen now to M.I.A's newest bop, in the form of "Come Walk With Me", the latest single from Sri-Lankan/British singer-rapper's upcoming fourth studio album "Matangi" (in stores November 5) which will be available for legal purchase on iTunes on September 3rd. M.I.A had performed the song live at selected shows earlier this year, but here we have the complete, high quality studio edit at last. Click 'play' above.

Weird, and amazing will most likely be the two adjectives that pop in everyone's minds after finishing the first listen of "Come Walk With Me". Only M.I.A! She makes music that will leave no one indifferent, that's for sure. Don't expect "Come Walk With Me" to top any chart in the near (nor long) future, but for those that are able to appreciate M.I.A's special talent and sound then this will be a personal #1 hit, most certainly. "Come Walk With Me" is a slow jam till the 1:28min mark when the beat change kicks in and wigs are snatched!

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By on September 2, 2013
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