New Song: J. Cole (feat. Nas) - 'Let Nas Down' (Remix)

J. Cole (feat. Nas) - 'Let Nas Down' (Remix)

New Song: J. Cole (feat. Nas) - 'Let Nas Down' (Remix)

Can't remember the last time we received new material from Nas but he returns today to respond to J. Cole's record 'Let Nas Down'. The original track appeared on Cole's 'Born Sinner' album and came about when Producer No I.D. phoned Cole to inform him Nas was disappointed with his 'Work Out' single and expected better from him. Now Nas releases the remix to 'Let Nas Down' to assure J. Cole he wasn't let down. "You ain't let Nas down, it's just part of the game becoming a rap king".

Nas is currently working on his 12th studio album. As for Cole, he's surely embracing his moment in Hip-hop with 'Born Sinner'. The beat is produced by J. Cole himself. Take a listen to the remix of 'Let Nas Down' below.


By on June 22, 2013
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