New Song: Harry Styles - 'Don't Let Me Go'

New Song: Harry Styles - 'Don't Let Me Go'

Is this the beginning?. Will One Direction split (or go hiatus) after their third album?. 'Cause listen now to this brand new Harry Styles solo song entitled "Don't Let Me Go", which has very recently surfaced online. "Don't Let Me Go" is a song produced by New Zealand singer-producer Sam McCarthy, as confirmed by him in a Tweet yesterday.

So, it's confirmed that Harry wrote "Don't Let Me Go" and Sam did the production, but there are still two questions without answer...1). WHEN did they record it?. If it's very old, then Directioners have nothing to worry about, but if it's been recorded not too long ago, then the fans of the British boyband have to start panicking 'cause it might be that the lifespan of One Direction is getting near to its end. If "Don't Let Me Go" ain't that old, it could mean that Harry has been bitten by the 'curious' bug of the 'solo career', 'doing his own thing'. 2). For WHOM is it intended?. Is the song intended for an upcoming possible Harry Styles debut solo album?. Or perhaps this is just a leaked demo, and later, for the final edit, Sam McCarthy will add his own vocals, and make it a duet with Harry?.

In any case, "Don't Let Me Go" is a pretty basic ballad, with lyrics speaking of reminiscing a former love, but it's Harry's vocals that truly shine. He can SING!.

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By on June 14, 2013
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