New Music: Taylor Swift - "Sweeter Than Fiction" [Full - Studio]

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New Music: Taylor Swift - "Sweeter Than Fiction" [Full - Studio]

Didn't think you'd hear new Taylor Swift this soon?. The country-pop singer contributes to the soundtrack of the film "One Chance" - based on the brilliant rise to fame story of Britain's Got Talent winner Paul Potts - wih the original song "Sweeter than Fiction", which she co-wrote with the help of Jack Antonoff, guitarist for the band Fun. This is Taylor's first piece of new music she puts out after releasing the album "Red" late last year.

"Sweeter than Fiction" is really poppy and good and catchy, and even if she hadn't really thought about it that much, this may become a monster hit for Taylor. She was so humbled and up-lifted by Paul Potts' story, she was more than happy to be part of the soundtrack for "One Chance", but could it be that Taylor's song take all the shine away from the movie?. Ouch, if that happens. "Sweeter than Fiction" is played during the ending credits of the film, and it hit iTunes - alongside the soundtrack album - on October 21st. "Sweeter than Fiction" is a positive pop song whose lyric plot is about fighting for your dreams. For when you least expect it they may come true. And you may become a superstar like Paul Potts one day, touching many hearts with your story.

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By on October 20, 2013
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