New Music: Lea Michele - "You're Mine" [Full Audio + Review]

lea michele you're mine from louder album

New Music: Lea Michele - "You're Mine" [Full Audio + Review]

Another ballad? Come on, Lea. I know you can give us an uptempo banger too! Where 'em at??

No one can deny the talent and God-gifted vocals Lea Michele possesses, but the route label executives have made her take for her debut album "Louder" is just wrong. "Cannonball" was a pretty song that I actually love, and I was certainly bummed to see it flop, but I was confident Columbia Records would change strategies and release something more commercial, and upbeat as the second single. However, it seems all the tracks on Lea's "Louder" are slow-paced! She's been releasing for a while, every two weeks, songs off of "Louder" as part of an iTunes Countdown campaign. All tracks so far have been ballads. I was expecting this week's to finally break that trend but NO.

Lea Michele has released this week "You're Mine". The audio of the piano-driven ballad surfaced online today (Feb. 10). Co-written by Sia, "You're Mine" is a song where the verses are better than the chorus (is that good?). The melody of the verses is really nice, but the chorus falls really flat, in my opinion. Anyway, and anyhow, Lea sings the entirety of "You're Mine" like a pro. I just wish she could release something upbeat for a change. If she keeps on putting out ballads she's only gonna bore people. Picking an official second single from "Louder" is going to be a pain in the neck for Columbia. I say rush Lea back into the studio! "Louder" is set to hit stores on March 4th. There's not much time left!

Hit or Miss?

By on February 10, 2014
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