New Music: Amelia Lily - 'You Bring Me Joy'

New Music: Amelia Lily - 'You Bring Me Joy'

Little Mix may have won her 'X Factor' season, but Amelia Lily is the one coming out with the strongest, radio-friendliest, and most hit-sounding debut single! Lilly's first single ever "You Bring Me Joy" premiered on UK's 'The Hits Radio' this week and an HQ (although uncomplete) version of the song can be heard above! "You Bring Me Joy" will be officially released in the UK on August 26th.

As PopJustice said, Amelia's single is a 'danceable electronic pop record' and very 'Call The Shots'-esque. I mean, Xenomania produced both tracks so it's no random coincidence. I'm loving IT guys! Been playing "You Bring Me Joy" on repeat over and over again since 10 in the morning, and it's 4pm! Ridiculous I know! But the song's fiyah. I'm SO gonna buy it on iTunes August 26. Amelia's single is straight-foward, it's got a fantastic beat, vulnerable-ish vocals which I love, and it's catchy! What more can you ask?. Plus, it's not your average 'X Factor' debut single. Go Amelia! If she has an easy release week, this can be #1.

'You Bring Me Joy'....Hit or Miss?

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By on July 8, 2012
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