Miley Cyrus Verbally Attacked In Costa Rica!

Miley Cyrus Verbally Attacked In Costa Rica!

It seems wherever Miley Cyrus goes, drama follows! The 'Can't Be Tamed' star is currently on vacation with boyfriend Liam Hemsworth and family in Costa Rica, you know the sun, the beach, the care-free feeling, the found peace of being outside the paparazzi nest Los Angeles is, I mean, Miley must've been convinced nothing could mess with her 'break' days, but unfortunately for her, her pleasant stay was altered when a Costa Rican fan verbally attacked her! Well, it wasn't that bad, she just called Miley an 'asshole'. LOL.

The situation was Miley was walking to get a helicopter ride, when suddently she was surrounded by a handful of teen fans who aggressively asked her for an autograph. Miley was in a hurry so she only signed one. But this fan didn't like her 'diva' attitude, so she vomited the A* word. A shocked Miley could only respond; "Whatha f*ck?", "Are you fo'real?". Let's be honest though, this fan was rude! Funny enough, Miley's chopper got delayed, so she eventually HAD to sign more autographs and take pictures with the fans there. Not sure the rude fan got the last laugh though...Did Miley sign her anything? I hope she didn't!

*UPDATE* Miley Cyrus has issued an statement via Twitter on the 'incident' with the 'rude' fan in Costa Rica. The statement reads: "Been trying not to tweet & just enjoy the holidays but just to clear something up I would NEVER swear to a fan. When someone yells something SO rude making ME look like an “a**hole” infront of fans who I am more than happy 2 take a picture w/ I cant tolerate that kind of rudeness". "Every1 who was there apologized 4 the womans brusque behavior. She obviously wasnt a fan. Hope every1 has a Merry Christmas! LOVE 2 ALL!".

What would YOU have done in this situation?

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By on December 21, 2011
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