Matchbox Twenty - 'She's So Mean' (Video)

Matchbox Twenty - 'She's So Mean' (Video)

That girl is trouble! Matchbox Twenty debut the music video for "She's So Mean", the first single from the Rob Thomas-led band's new album "North" - their first in five years - scheduled to hit stores in the US on September 4th via Atlantic Records - Haven't got into the song yet? Well, DO NOW! It's great!

Directed by Rich Lee (Eminem, Fergie), the "She's So Mean" MV sees the Matchbox Twenty crew performing their pop/rock jam at a building lobby and getting attacked by a maniac girl. She throws things at them, breaks their instruments, and even makes them burn (literally). "She's So Mean" is a such a great tune! It flows well for the summertime, and it's radio-friendly. I just hope Atlantic Records get it together ASAP and actually promote the song sending the guys to perform it on TV shows or something!

What do you think of the video?

Matchbox Twenty - 'She's So Mean' (Video) screencap

By on July 30, 2012
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