Jessie J - Domino (Promo Video!)

Jessie J - Domino (Promo Video!)

I'm so dissapointed at how her team is handling this single - "Domino" had all the ingredients to become a huge pop hit, but the lack of promotion, (in the US where the single was firstly intended for), and now the cheap and boring music video they've premiered...SMH...such a waste of a fantastic Dr Luke production...I now wish "Domino" would've been passed to Katy Perry, cuz she would have made it a true hit!

"Domino" is so far failing to impress in the US; 1) unable to make a debut on Billboard's Hot 100 ever since being released in late August, and 2) on iTunes, as of this posting, "Domino" sits at a mediocre #89, about to leave the Top 100. Very sad...she better start promoting this ASAP on TV or something...I mean what was the last Dr Luke-produced SINGLE that didn't make it into the Hot 100? xD.

As for this newly-premiered "Domino" 'music video', it's been dubbed as a 'live-montage' visual cause it mainly features the 'VEVO Presents...' performance Jessie J taped in London mixed with random clips from photoshoots, meeting with fans, and other moments of 'sheer joy'. Oh lord, such a cheap mess. To do this, they better have left the entire VEVO performance as the real music video!

*UPDATE*: So Jessie J just confirmed on Twitter that this mess we just watched IS NOT the real 'music video' for "Domino" *many thanks to the Gods in heaven*. The single is just too good to be given a crappy MV. Looking foward to check out the official thing SOON!

Jessie J denies on Twitter

What do YOU think of the music video/song?

By on October 13, 2011
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