Fifth Harmony & Camila Cabello Accuse Each Other of LYING In New Public Statements: Must-Read!

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Fifth Harmony & Camila Cabello Accuse Each Other of LYING In New Public Statements: Must-Read!

The drama continues between Fifth Harmony and Camila Cabello.

Battle 2 has just begun!

To recap a bit: Camila decided to leave the group on Sunday night (December 18) - the day her contract ended, Fifth Harmony posted a statement on their social media accounts saying they were informed of Camila's decision "via her representatives" and not directly from her face-to-face, and now...


In a public statement released on social media as well (where else, right?) last night, Camila clapped back at Fifth Harmony saying things like she was "shocked" to read the girl's first statement, as she was not made aware of it beforehand, she says, and that they were lying when they said the first time they officially heard she was leaving the group was "via her representatives". Camila says in her statement that the girls perfectly knew of her decision during "the long and much-needed conversations about the future we had during the tour".

However, just mere hours after Camila's first ever solo statement, the remaining Fifth Harmony members released a second joint statement. They used this statement to further explain the situation with Camila and to call her out for being a LIAR.

Lauren, Normani, Ally and Dinah said in their new statement that "the supposed lengthy conversations [with Camila] in fact never happened", that they tried several times to sit down with her and her management to work things out to at least give fans a deserving third album, and that they are "very hurt" by the way Camila has chosen to leave the group.

The most upsetting part of this new Fifth Harmony joint statement is that they have had to deal with "Camila situation" for a year and a half! My God. Working under those tense circumstances must've been truly awful.

Team 5H or Team Camila?

UPDATE: "Mercy" singer Shawn Mendes has decided to step into the Fifth Harmony/Camila Cabello drama. See what he had to say on Twitter below:

By on December 20, 2016
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