Emblem3 - 'Chloe' (Music Video)

Emblem3 - 'Chloe' (Music Video)

The guys of Emblem3 are into unpopular high school girls in the music video for "Chloe (You're All I Want)", which is a pop/rock-ish song that serves as the official first single from the California trio's upcoming debut album due in stores sometime later this year via Syco Music/Columbia Records. Watch the Ray Kay-directed MV above now.

They are so obnoxious. I just can't deal with them. Shame on me though for semi-liking "Sunset Blvd", lol. Anyway, I don't think this new single "Chloe" has the word hit written on it. I have the feeling Emblem3 will have the chance to release one more single, and if it flops (too), game over. Yet, I don't know how their record label got them the deal to be the opening act of Selena Gomez' upcoming tour "Stars Dance". I guess Syco/Columbia have real faith on these guys. But, I stay put, Emblem3 won't be the huge band the guys dreamed of, I'm sorry.

Back to the new Chloe (You're All I Want)" MV, it features the guys acting a fool in their dressing room, eating bananas, or messing with poor Keaton Stromberg, and playing an exclusive gig, as Ray Kay shows us a different storyline of unpopular high-school girls, who also have the ugly duck syndrome, getting encouraged and empowered by the mere fact of receiving the Emblem3 'Im a Chloe' pin badge....KAIIIII. Later in the video it is revealed that this badge is a actually the entry ticket to the exclusive Emblem3 concert, which of course, the hot high-school girls cannt access. For real??.

What do you think of the video?

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By on May 28, 2013
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