Coldplay Rocks 'Le Grand Journal' (France), Nicole Scherzinger Shines at 'This Morning' (UK)

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Coldplay Rocks 'Le Grand Journal' (France), Nicole Scherzinger Shines at 'This Morning' (UK)

I think we all have had enough of seeing Coldplay performing "Paradise" on every possible TV show on earth, that's why it feels so refreshing to see the Brit rockers smashing it live with other "Mylo Xyloto" tracks. On Coldplay's appearance earlier this week on France's popular show 'Le Grand Journal', Chris Martin and Co. delivered what could be one of the best performances so far of "Charlie Brown". For those unfamiliar with the song, 1) SMH at you, 2) go buy "Mylo Xyloto", 3) please meet now THE BEST song on Coldplay's new album. Although everything points the Rihanna-assisted "Princess of China" will be Coldplay's next single - for the happiness of their record label - me believes "Charlie Brown" should've been the lead single instead of 'Waterfalls', and that it MUST get single treatment as soon as possible. "Charlie Brown" is pure epicness! and in my humble opinion, it's the only song from the new album that can compete head to head with Coldplay's other classics. But for now, check out the band's latest performance of this song above. What a lucky audience! They got to be SO close to Coldplay.

Taking the Eurostar train from Paris to London, let's talk Nicole Scherzinger. The former PCD leader is currently promoting her new single "Try With Me" in the English capital. The amazing Nervo-helmed dance/ballad kicked-off on iTunes UK pretty good after the X Factor performance - easily cracking the Top 10, but just a few days later, Nicole's song is witnessing a dangerous downfall trend. "Try With Me" is, as of this posting, at #17 on iTunes UK! I feel bad for Nicole, but it seems quite clear the Brits haven't really 'connected' with her song. I don't understand it's really good! Let's just hope and pray it ends up being a late bloomer. Anyhow, check out Nicole's latest TV performance of "Try With Me" yesterday (Nov. 4) on ITV 1's "This Morning". She sounded fantastic! DiVA!

What do YOU think of these performances?

By on November 5, 2011
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