Cee-Lo - 'Only You' (Music Video)

Cee-Lo - 'Only You' (Music Video)

Cee-Lo Green walks the streets of an 'unstable' Los Angeles downtown in the music video for "Only You", the first single from the hip-hop star's upcoming studio album due in stores later in 2013. Watch the Ethan Lader-directed clip above.

Love this song! It features Atlantic Records signee Lauriana Mae, and her jazzy/soulful vocals are an excellent addition, and blend nicely with Cee-Lo's. Looking forward to hearing more music from her. Anyway, it's now a month since "Only You" premiered, and the impact its made on radio (and iTunes) in the US is little so Cee-Lo better be readying that good promo if he doesn't want this amazing Lauriana Mae duet go to waste. Premiering the music video is a first step, but he now needs to work on delivering a great live performance with Lauriana on a big show. This can SLAY live. Of course, "Only You" doesn't have the hit potential of 'Forget You", but I really like it, and I don't wanna see it flop.

The Ethan Lader-directed MV for "Only You" shows Cee-Lo and Lauriana walking the streets of an unstable Los Angeles where buildings begin to warp for no reason. It's a pretty confusing video! The point is they're trying to find each other in that chaos.

What do you think of the video?

Cee-Lo - 'Only You' (Music Video)
By on February 27, 2013
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