Avril Lavigne Joins Instagram, Unveils Fifth Album's Creepy Cover

avril lavigne fifth album cover

Avril Lavigne Joins Instagram, Unveils Fifth Album's Creepy Cover

Such a strong photograph! Self-proclaimed motherf***ing princess Avril Lavigne has finally succumbed to the pressure and has joined social network, Instagram, just like many of her music industry peers. And as her first post, she's debuted the official artwork for her upcoming self-titled fifth album to be released this September 24 via Epic Records.

The cover features a pitch black background, the album name (that is, Avril's name) written in white capital letters (with a spray on effect on top), and a neck-up photograph of the Canadian star looking up, with her hair pulled up, and sporting a very vampire-esque, Black Swan-esque make-up. This has got to be one of the creepiest album covers I've seen in my life, but considering it all, it's very 'Avril Lavigne'. She's the motherf***ing princess and she can do whatever she wants, right?.

Still I would have preferred something less creppy and dark, and more cheeky and fun as cover, since the album's first singles, "Here's To Never Growing Up", and "Rock and Roll" are all about fun, and care-free sentiments, and this cover is not transmitting me that. Now that I think about it, this cover is giving me some kind of old Evanescence teas, lol. And I don't think this fifth Avril album will sound very Evanescence. Anyway, you be the judge!

Do you love or hate the cover?

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By on August 8, 2013
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